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with irregular delivery?

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For Customers

Every customer will be able to buy products online from their neighborhood and favorite stores in a quick and reliable manner.

For Retailers

Local Mobile App connects the shopkeepers with customers as well as the suppliers digitally to buy and sell the products without any hurdles.

For Suppliers

Upon every customer ordering the product, a non-available product list will be sent to the supplier through the retailer with one click so that the supplier and retailer never miss any order.

Services provided by Acintyo Local to the Retailers & Suppliers

Digital Showroom

Digital platform will be provided to the shopkeeper, to add and display their product digitally.

Product Alerts

Able to send alerts to his customers about the offers, discounts, and availability of new products.

Live Shopping

Subscribed members engage in live shopping, connecting with shopkeepers over a phygital platform for video orders.

Shop Support

Delivery support will be provided to the shopkeeper for both selling and buying the products.*

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Frequently Asked

What is Acintyo Local's "Local Mobile App" and its primary goal?

Acintyo Local's "Local Mobile App" is a digital platform designed to empower shopkeepers with advanced technology and innovation. Its primary goal is to enhance business connectivity and enable shopkeepers to reach more customers efficiently.

What services are available for customers using the "Local Mobile App"?

Customers can conveniently purchase products online from their neighborhood and favorite stores through the app, ensuring a quick and reliable shopping experience.

How does the "Local Mobile App" benefit retailers and suppliers?

The app digitally connects shopkeepers with both customers and suppliers, streamlining the buying and selling process. When a customer places an order, the app sends a non-available product list to the supplier through the retailer, ensuring that no orders are missed.

What features and support are provided to shopkeepers by Acintyo Local?

Acintyo Local offers several features, including a digital platform for displaying products, access to a vast inventory list, the ability to create discount coupons, alerts for customers about offers and new products, store advertisements, and "live shopping" capabilities. Additionally, shopkeepers receive exclusive delivery support and gain visibility on a global platform, connecting with outstation customers.